Monday 26th November 2018

Tom Faulds Lochgelly 2 fish
5.1/2 lbs Mil Bug
Jim Linton Moodiesburn 
4 fish 11lbs Snake
W Milne Perth 1 fish 2.1/2lbs
Jeff Thomson Blackford 
1 fish 4 lbs Yellow Dancer
Thain Boys Callendar
6 fish 19.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer
John Chisholm Killin
2 fish 6lbs Yellow Dancer 
Paul Godfrey Killing 2 fish
6lbs Egg Fly
John McKie Bannockburn 
3 fish 9lbs Super Ally
Michael McGill Bannockburn 
3 fish 11.1/2lbs Diawl Bach


Saturday 10th November 2018

Another very mixed week with the weather just reminding us it is winter.
Mike Wheelans Blackford 
2 fish 6lbs Dunkeld
Harry Graham Glenrothes 
2 fish 10lbs Gr Wotsit
Jim Linton Moodiesburn 
4 fish 12lbs Snake
Dougie McLeish Doune
2 fish 7lbs Okey Dokey
Dave Lawson Methven
3 fish 9.1/2lbs Gismo
Rob Noble Crieff 2 fish
6 lbs Claret
Hector Wilson Bannockburn 
3 fish 9lbs Gr Wotsit
Brian Sharp Bo’ness
4 fish 12.3/4lbs best 5lbs
Yellow Dancer
Mark Dewar Bo’ness 4 fish
12.3/4lbs 5.1/4lbs Ally
Saturday 3rd November 2018
With heavy rain and wind this morning the Falcon FFC braved the elements taking
39 fish for 109lbs with  Jim Russell having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 14.1/2lbs
on a Ally McCoist (Jock Esplin’s Fly)
Billy Hume Cambusbarron   FFC                              2 fish 6lbs
Angus Robertson Tobermory                                    2 fish 5.1/2 lbs Dunkeld
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                                            4 fish 13lbs Black Snake
Greg Lockhart Dunblane                                           2 fish 4.3/4lbs Ally
Robert Purvis Glenrothes                                          3 fish 10lbs Yellow Dancer
Mike Noble Blairingone                                             2 fish 5lbs Yellow Dancer 


Sunday 28th October 2018

It has been another  mixed week  with the fishing being good on the
better days.  The fish are still being caught on a quick,quick slow to static retrieve.
B Gribble Edinburgh                                                             4 fish 12.1/2lbs Cat
T Wright Edinburgh                                                              4 fish  13lbs Ally
R Anderson Edinburgh                                                         3 fish 10.1/2lbs HH Cat
D Gribble Ed                                                                           4 fish 13.1/4lbsAlly
 Buff Ed                                                                                4 fish  9.3/4lbs Cat
Gerry & Ian Stirling                                                              4 fish  9lbs Yellow Dancer 
Willie Walker Larbert                                                            3 fish 8lbs Ally
Greg Lockhart Dunblane                                                     3 fish  7lbs Yellow Dancer 
Mike Lord Murthly                                                                3 fish  8lbs Yellow Dancer 
John Brown Perth                                                                  3 fish 8lbs Yellow Dancer 

Monday 22nd October 2018

On Thursday11 year old  Steven Lawson Callander  caught his first fish a 3 pounder on a Green Damsel
Greg Lockhart Dunblane                                                            3 fish 7 lbs Yellow Dancer 
Alec Fitzsimmons Fintry                                                             2 fish 6lbs Black Lure
Jimmy Young Alloa                                                                     3 fish 8lbs Orange Fritz
Donald Blyth Doune                                                                   2 fish 6.1/4 lbs Damsel
Mike Piper Edinburgh                                                                 2 fish 4lbs Bloodworm 
Steve Fulton Bridge of Earn                                                       2 fish 6.1/2 lbs Black Hopper
Robert Moir Dunblane                                                                2 fish 5.3/4lbs Damsel
John Stevenson Bannockburn                                                    3 fish 8.1/4 lbs Silver Butcher
George McCulloch Falkirk                                                          4 fish 13lbs. Muddler
The fish are still taking slowly 
and the depth depends on the wind

Sunday 14th October 2018

Wednesday and today we’re beautiful, why did we have so much rain and wind the other days of the week??
J Robb Tullibody                              3 fish 9lbs  Hare’s Ear
John Score Alloa                             4 fish  11.1/2 lbs HH Ally
Wm Williams Sauchie                      3 fish 8lbs Gr&Blk Montana
Alec Fitzsimmons Fintry                  4 fish 11.1/2lbs Blk&Gr Fritz
Harry Isherwood Cumbernauld        1 fish 3lbs  Klinkhammer 
Robin Barrie Cambusbarron             3 fish 8lbs Buzzers
Colin Clement Tyndrum                   3 fish 9.1/2 Egg Fly
Tom McKenzie Glasgow                   1 fish 2.1:4lbs Damsel 
Malcolm McLennan Glasgow            2 fish  5.1/2lbs Mini Cat
Michael Murphy Glasgow                  2 fish 5.1/2lbs Gr Wotsit and Buzzer
David Fox Glasgow                          1 fish 3lbs Blob
Jim Jarvis Falkirk                             4 fish 11lbs Green&Yellow Wotsit 
All fish are being caught on a  Slow to Static retrieve.

Sunday 7th October 2018   --- Thank you to everyone who has sent Andrew good wishes after his heart attack last Thursday, he is recovering in Forth Valley and hopes to be home next week.

The water is fishing well with the fish chasing but mostly taking slow to static.  The water is cold again after the three months of being too hot which was great for us but not the fish.
Yesterday morning the Falcon FFC took 29 fish for  67.1/2lbs with Jim Russell
having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 9lbs Diawl Bach and Black & Green  Lures doing well.
Colin Clement Tynedrum                      4 fish 18.1/2 best 9lb  Green Lure
Jim Kelly Airdrie                                    3 fish 8.1/2lbs Bloodworm 
Jim McNally Dunning                           1 fish  2.3/4lbs Floating Fry
R McKelvie Rosyth                               3 fish   9.1/2lbs Loch Ordie
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                     4 fish 11.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer
Harry Isherwood Cumbernauld        2 fish 5lbs Klinkhammer 
Mike Lord Murthly                              2 fish  5lbs Grey Wolf
W Milne Perth                                     2 fish 4.1/4lbs Sunken Daddy
Allan Mitchell Stirling                          3 fish 7lbs Yellow Owl
MiIke Wheelans Blackford                  2 fish 5lbs Dry Blue Dun
D Mercer Kincardine                          2 fish 5lbs Damsel
Harry Graham Glenrothes               2 fish 7lbs Okey Dokey

Brian Oxley Dunfermline                      3 fish 11.1/2lbs Blk Zonker
John Score Alloa                                   3 fish 9.1/2lbs Blk Fritz
Jim Carrick Cumbernauld                    4 fish 12lbs Ace of Spades
Sandy Donald Dunblane                       3 fish 9lbs Yellow Dancer
David Birkmyre Crieff                        2 fish 5lbs Bibio & Grouse & Claret
Bob Noble Crieff                                2 fish 6.1/4lbs Claret Hopper
Greg Lockhart Dunblane                    3 fish6.1/2lbs Bright Green Buzzer
Dave Wilkie Stirling                          3 fish 7lbs Ally
Margaret Hornal Falkirk                     1 fish 2lbs Henry Larson

Monday 24th September 2018

Hamish Carmichael Alloa                        3 fish 13lbs best 8lbs Yellow Dancer
E Feighan Bonnybridge                           4 fish 10.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer
A McIntosh Northfields AC                      4 fish 10lbs 1oz Yellow Dancer
Graham Russell Dunblane                      2 fish 5lbs Damsel
J Linton Moodiesburn                              4 fish 12 lbs Snake & Wotsit
Hector Wilson Bannockburn                    3 fish 12.1/2lbs best 5.1/2lbs  Wotsit
Jim Hornal Falkirk                                   1 fish 2.1/4lbs Cat
Margaret Hornal Falkirk                          1 fish 2.1/2lbs Cat
A Laing Carluke                                      4 fish 9lbs Dries
Andrew & Colin Clement  Tyndrum         6 fish 13 lbs  Diawl Bach
A Paterson Perth                                       3 fish 7lbs Hoppers
J Jarvis Falkirk                                        2 fish 8lbs Wotsit Yellow