Saturday 4th May 2019 

Colin Dickson Muckhart               3 fish 10lbs best 6lbs Damsel
John Score Alloa                             3 fish 9.1/2lbs HH Damsel
Bob Johnston Stirling                     3 fish 9.1/2lbs Damsel 
Brian Eadie Stirling                          3 fish 12lbs best 6 lbs White Wotsit
M Lindores Stirling                          3 fish 9 lbs Buzzer
Paul Rice Perth                                 4 fish 12lbs Buzzers
Allan Mitchell Stirling                       3 fish 9lbs Owls
Fay MacLeod Perth                           2 fish 8lbs best 5lbs Damsel 
I Galloway Kippen                             2 fish  5 lbs Diawl Bach 
Mark Dewar Dunning                       3 fish  9 lbs best 5 lbs Diawl Bach
Dean Parker Auchterarder              2 fish 8 lbs Daddy
The Lochinch Club 8 rods caught    11 fish 71.1/4lbs Buzzers

Sunday 28th April 2019 

The water has been fishing very well with plenty of fish being caught at varying depths with Buzzers and small nymphs to a wide variety of lures. It is good to see the fish moving on the   top.
Brian Thain Glasgow                                      2 fish 9.1/2lbs Muddler
Hector Willson BBurn                                     3 fish  11.1/2lbs Black Bug
Paul Flackerty Glasgow                                  2 fish 6.1/2lbs Blk&white  Buzzer
Tom Pate Alloa                                               2 fish 6lbs Ally
Angus Inglis Callendar                                    2 fish 5lbs Damsel
Wm McAleese Falkirk                                     2 fish 9lbs Buzzer 
Kennny McAlpine Thurso                               2 fish 7lbs Blue Flash Damsel 
D Williamson Larbert                                     2 fish 5.1/4lbs Diawl Bach
Dean Parker Auchterarder                             2 fish 8lbs Hopper
G Hamilton Blackford                                     3  Fish 7.1/2lbs Buzzers

Easter Sunday 2019 

It has been glorious since Thursday with sun and no cold wind, which we have all had enough of this winter.  It has been great for the holiday weekend which everyone has enjoyed.
Yesterday morning the Falcon FFC had a good morning fishing for the
Gregor Paterson Shield which was attended by his  3 beautiful grand daughters
who presented the two winners with the trophy Ian Dickson and John Scullion who both caught 
4 fish for 13lbs. The club  landed 37 fish for 109.1/4lbs.
C Myles Coalsnaughton                           3 fish 13lbs best 7lbs Damsel
Mike Lord Murthly                                    2 fish 6.1/2lbs Dry Spider
Gus Drummond Bridge of Allan              2 fish 6.1/2lbs Cat
Bob Johnston Falkirk                               2 fish 7lbs Buzzers
John Alexander Bridge of Allan                2 fish 6 lbs Cat 
Tex Cornton                                                2 fish 5lbs Cat
Paul Rice Perth.                                         2 fish 7.1/2 lbs Orange Buzzer
W Heuer Hamburg                                     3 fish 6lbs Black Rabbit
Hector Wilson Bannockburn                      3 fish 9lbs Wotsit
Jan Kumlsbn Germany                               3 fish 10 lbs Black Rabbit
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                          3 fish 10lbs Eggstacy 

Saturday 13th April 2019 

Today in the cold East wind the Goth Club caught 55 fish for 145lbs 3oz with  3 very close weights

Alan McQueen                                    4 fish 13lbs 14oz
Chic Skinner                                        4 fish 13lbs 12oz
B Weir                                                    4 fish 13lbs 10oz
Hector Wilson 3 fish                          11.1/2lbs Wotsit
John Stewart Dunfermline                 1 fish 8lbs Ally
David Howe Auchterarder                  1 fish 3.3/4lbs Baby Doll
Jim McNally Dunning                          1 fish 4lbs Damsel
Ron Weetman Dunning                      1 fish 5lbs Damsel
Jeff Thomson Blackford                     2 fish 11lbs White Rabbit
Mike Wheelans Blackford                   2 fish 10lbs Dunkeld
Hugh McLean Oban                             4 fish 12lbs Black Hoppers 
Paul Dancer Livingston                       1 fish 7lbs Yellow Wotsit
Sunday 7th April 2019 
The water has been fishing well with the depth still varying with the wind with a wide variety of flies, even the Dries when it is calm.
Hamish Carmichael Alloa             2 fish 10lbs best 6lbs Viper Dancer 
Jim Smith Bannockburn                 4 fish 12.1/4lbs Damsel
Colin Clement Tynedrum                4 fish 15 lbs Bloodworm 
Ian Sloan Perth 4 fish                      11.1/2 lbs HH Damsel
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                 4 fish 13.1/2lbs Wotsit 
Jack Gibb Clack                                 2 fish 6 lbs Orange Wotsit 
Tex Cornton                                     2 fish 9 lbs Yellow Dancer
Ross Evans Stirling                          2 fish 6lbs Buzzers 
Harry Graham Glenrothes             2 fish 8lbs Okey Dokey