Sunday 29th September 2019
Yesterday the Goth FFC had a good day taking 39 fish for  117.3/4lbs with Alan Weir having the heaviest basket
with 4 fish for 15.1/2lbs  biggest fish 6.1/2lbs Goldie  was the most popular fly yesterday and Ally’s and Buzzers, a bit of sparkle is taking the fish.
Tam Adam Alva                                          2 fish 8lbs Best 6.1/2lbs Daddy
Alistair Sangster Blackford                          2 fish 7.3/4lbs best 6lbs Ally McCoist
Alistair Rodger Glames                               3 fish 9.3/4lbs Lure with a spider head and long tail with little orange sparkles through it.
Hector Wilson Bannockburn                           3 fish 10lbs best 5lbs  Hector’s Fancy
Tom Faulds Lochgelly                                  3 fish 12lbs best 6lbs
Sunday 22nd September 2019
The water has cooled down but the very changeable weather also dictates the depth the fish are taking on Dries to lures quite deep.
S Shreter Doune                2 fish 11lbs Best 9lbs Damsel
K Lacey Perth                   3 fish 9lbs Green Damsel
John Score Alloa                3 fish  9.1/2lbs Ally
I Stewart Comrie                 2 fish 6.1/2lbs Buzzers
Wm Docherty Alloa             2 fish 7 lbs Okey Dokey
J Kennedy Dunfermline        2 fish 6lbs Gold Humungus
Tony Jessie Dundee           4 fish 10.3/4 lbs Green Bugs
Allan Jessie Dundee          4 fish 14.3/4 lbs Green Bugs
Jim Gray Denny                 3 fish  9lbs Nymphs
Kong Crieff                         2 fish 6.1/2 lbs Yellow Dancer
Sunday 15th September 2019
Last Sunday the Clackmannan Masons had a good day for Strathcarron  Hospice Charity taking 
39 fish for 120lbs with G Watson taking the winning basket with 4 fish for 13lbs
The water is a lot cooler now with fish taking Dries to lures.
B Weir Bannockburn                       3 fish 13lbs best 7.1/2lbs Damsel
A Weir Bannockburn                             2 fish  7.1/2lbs best 4.1/2 lbs Yellow Dancer 
D Mercer Kincardine                             3 fish 10 lbs best 5lbs Orange & White Dancer 
S Donald Dunblane                                3 fish  7 lbs Buzzers
Jim Prentice Tullibody                          2 fish 11 lbs Black Lure
Tom Pate Alloa.                                      2 fish 6 lbs Dries
K Johnston Airdrie                                 2 fish  5lbs Red & Silver Buzzer
F Raeburn Alloa                                     2 fish  10 lbs Ally
The Diageo Retirement Association on Tuesday  had 14 fish 36lbs heaviest
Basket Stan Guzik 3 fish  10.1/4lbs Dries
Sunday 8th September 2019
It has been an awful week with the rain and wind we have had. There should be no shortage of water in Scotland if the Water Board are doing there job probably!!!
Tracy Scott Lesmahagow  First ever fish 6.1/2pbs Black Lure
Robert Burns Bonnybridge             3 11lbs best fish 7lbs Black Lure
C McLeran Alloa                               2 fish 9.1/2lbs Damsel 
Simon Nicolas Auchterarder          4 fish 12lbs Diawl Bach 
Dave Lawson Methven                   3 fish 12lbs Small Dancer 
Ian Cochran Gerry Halas Stirling   4 fish 10.1/2lbs  Yellow Dancer 
Davey Horne Stirling                       2 fish  10.1/2lbs best 6.1/2lbs Yellow Owl
David Pitcaithly Falkirk                   2 fish 8.1/2 lbs Dries
Andrew Johnston Dollar                2 fish 6.1/4lbs Small Spider 
John Stewart Dunfermline             3 fish 11lbs Dries
Tom Brown Killeen                          3 fish 9lbs 10oz Cat
David Birkmyre Crieff                      1 fish 2.1/2lbs Klinkhammer 
Monday 2nd September 2019
Saturday I think was one of the worst day’s for fishing with lashing rain and a strong swirly wind all morning. The Falcon FF Club were fishing for the Allan Davenport Memorial Cup
which was one by Andy McAlpine with 4 fish 8.1/2lbs Cat Whisker
Luckily it dried up in the afternoon for the very enjoyable social side of the day.
P King Sheildhill                                  2 fish 8lbs Super Ally
Donald Blyth Doune                             2 fish 5.1/2lbs Black Nymph
David Pitcaithly Falkirk                        2 fish 7lbs Wotsit
J Hannah Denny                                 1 fish 4lbs Yellow Dancer
Billy Docherty Tilly                              1 fish 2.3/4lbs Green Bug
Hector Wilson Bannockburn                3 fish 9.1/2lbs Wotsit
Next Sunday the 8th September I am fully booked
with a Charity Day for
Strathcarron Hospice
run by Clackmannan Masons
Monday 26th August 2019
David Dye Glendevon              2 fish 9lbs best 6lbs  Yellow Dancer
Hector Wilson Bannockburn   3 fish 10.1/2lbs best 5lbs Dries
Ally Sangster Blackford           2 fish 7lbs Buzzer
David Lewis Larbert                3 fish 10.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer
Allan Mitchell Stirling              3 fish 9.3/4lbs Yellow Owl
Graham Russell Dunblane     1 fish 4lbs Red Humpty??
C Findlater Stirling                  3 fish 10.1/4lbs Snake & Buzzers
E Feighan Bonnybridge          4 fish 11lbs Silver Humungus
Jim Linton                               8 fish 20.1/2lbs Blobs
Kong Crieff                             2 fish 9.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer 
Sunday 18th August, 2019
The water is cooling down So Dries and lures have been catching plenty of fish with varying retrieves.
The Railway Club with 5  Anglers catching 10 fish
for 31.1/4lbs on CDC’s and  Hopers with David Harrington with 4 fish for  13lbs CDC
Robbie Scotland Stirling                2 fish 8lbs Orange & Yellow Blob
Sandy Donald Dunblane                 2 fish 6lbs Buzzers
Robert Randle Grangemouth           2 fish 6lbs Fritz
Allan Henderson Grangemouth         2 fish 8.1/2lbs Minkie
Jim Suddes Co Durham                  3 fish 11lbs Flexi Cat
Anne Suddes Co Durham               3 fish 9lbs Flexi Cat
Sunday 11th August 2019
Yesterday the Kilsyth Club  in the sun took 32 fish for
99.1/4lbs with R Thomson  winning with 3 fish 14.1/2lbs
Charles Grovener Polmont              2 fish 6lbs Diawl Bach
Jim Gillespie Kirkliston                     2 fish 6.1/4lbs Fritz
Peter McLean Clack                        1 fish 3.1/2lbs Yellow Owl
G Williamson Rosyth                       2 fish 6lbs Blk&Green Fritz
M Whiting Muthill                             1 fish 3.1/2lbs olive Damsel 


Sunday 4th August 2019

The water has warmed up so the fish are being very fussy.
Small Dries are still catching and also colourful lures, the retrieve has to keep changing.
Yesterday the Falcon FFC
caught 20 fish for 58.1/2lbs
with Jim Russell taking         3 fish for 7lbs on a Cat in the hot sun.
The Bonnybridge AC caught 17 fish with Duncan Sinclair  taking 4 fish for 9lbs Fab.
Mike Wheelans Blackford      1 fish for 7lbs Dunkeld
K MacAlpine Thurso              2 fish 6lbs Hopper
David Birkmyre Crieff           2 fish 5lbs Diawl Bach
John Score Alloa                  2 fish 6lbs Yellow Dancer
Henry Laurence Glasgow    2 fish 5lbs Diawl Bach

Sunday 28th July 2019

On Tuesday Kenny McAlpine
from Thurso had 2 fish for 12 lbs best 9.1/2lbs Cat Yesterday in the heavy rain
The Vale AC got 22 fish for 60lbs Tony had 4 fish for 14lbs most fish were caught on CDC’s
Lochgelly SRC had 7 fish for 15lbs 11ozs
Robbie Scotland Stirling                      3 fish 8.1/2lbs Yellow & Orange best 4.1/2lbs
S Bryant Bo’ness                                3 fish 7.1/2lbs Buzzers
Kong  Crieff                                          2 fish 5.1/2lbs Blk & Green Fritz
Harry Graham Glenrothes                   1 fish 4lbs Sedge
Peter McLean Clack                            2 fish 4.1/2lbs Kate McLaren
Mike Lord Murthly                                4 fish 12lbs Dries
B Stirling Buchany                               1 fish 3lbs Dry

Saturday 20th July 2019 

The fish are taking bright colours Buzzers, Bright Green, Red Yellow and
Orange.  There is so much natural feeding they want something different.
The Eagle Club from Tillicoultry had 10 fish for 36.1/2lbs heaviest bag A Beverage 3 fish 12lbs
Best 6lbs Bloodworm 
Today Alexander Buses had 21 fish 53.1/2lbs  heaviest basket S Bennie  4 fish 12lbs best 4.3/4lbs  most on Bright Green Buzzer
Ian Law Paisley                                                         3 fish 7.1/2lbs White Fritz 
Alistair Sangster Blackford                                    2 fish 5lbs Damsel
Greg Lockhart Dunblane                                        2 fish 5.1/2lbs Buzzers
G Frater Stirling                                                         3 fish 8lbs CDC & Damsel
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                                       8 fish 21lbs Blobs
Hector Wilson Bannockburn                                3 fish 7.1/2lbs Okey Dokey