Saturday 2nd March 2019 
The weather has been great this week until this afternoon, which spoiled the second half of the Commonwealth Fundraising Day. 
 The winner was Ian Anderson with 13 fish and  John Duncan had 12 for 2nd .  98 fish were caught.
B Gribble Edinburgh                         4 fish 16.1/2lbs Bloodworm 
Kong Crieff                                          2 fish 9lbs Damsel 
Mike Lord                                            2 fish  8lbs Bloodworm 
Hector Wilson Bannockburn            3 fish 9.1/2lbs Buzzers 
Colin Clement Tyndrum                    3 fish 11lbs Blk Buzzers
P Fleming Glenrothes                        2 fish 7lbs Yellow Nomad
Jeff Thomson Blackford                     3 fish 11lbs Bunny Leech
Angus Robertson Tobermory             (2 visits) 4 fish 12lbs Buzzers
Tom McLaughlin Uddingston            3 fish 8.1/2lbs Blk&Gold Zonker
Hamish Carmichael Alloa                   2 fish 8.1/2lbs Cut Throat Cat
Davy Duncan Slammanan                   2 fish 9.1/2 lbs Black Dancer 
Wm Docherty Alloa                             2 fish 5.1/2 Pinky
D Conlan Alloa                                        2 fish 6lbs Ally
Donald Blyth Doune                          2 fish  7lbs Black Spider

Sunday 24th February 2019 

The weather this weekend  was very disappointing we did not get the warm sunny
days we were expecting.
Dave Lawson Methven           3 fish 18.1/4lbs Howie’s   Gismo
John Lawson Perth                  2 fish 10.1/2lbs best 7.1/2lbs  Hot Nomad
E. Davidson Perth                     2 fish 6lbs Wotsit
A Mitchell Stirling                      2 fish  7.1/2lbs Black & Red Lure
Day Macleod Perth                    2 fish 6lbs Damsel
H. Carmichael Alloa                   2 fish 6lbs Cut Throat Cat
Tex Cornton                                 1 fish 4lbs Black Lure
S Clark Kilsyth                                    2 fish  6.3/4lbs Ally
David Horne Stirling                     2 fish 8.1/2lbs Blk&Green Dancer 
B Gribble Edinburgh                   4 fish 16.1/4lbs Millennium Bug
Jim Jarvis Falkirk                           2 fish  9lbs Yellow Dancer

Sunday 17th February 2019 
Ross Drummond Kilwinning        4 fish 24lbs Black Lure
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                8 fish 27lbs Eggirsty(I hope this is right I have been told I am spelling it wrong)
Angus Robertson Tobermory         3 fish 12lbs Buzzer
Colin Clement Tynedrum                3 fish 10.1/2lbs Blk&Gr Lure
Jim Marshall Cumbernauld             3 fish 8.1/4lbs White Baby Doll
Gerry Kane Cumbernauld               3 fish 9lbs Cat 
G McCulloch Armadale                   3 fish 7.1/2lbs Damsel
Harry Graham Glenrothes              4 fish 23.1/2lbs (2visits)  Okey Dokey 
Kyle Davidson Perth 2 fish              6.1/2lbs Lime Wotsit 
R Wilson Inveraray 2 fish                  8lbs 2oz Buzzer
Wm Williams Sauchie                       3 fish 12.1/2lbs Ally

On Saturday 2nd March the
Water is fully booked with the Commonwealth Team holding a fundraiser for
going to New Zealand.


Friday 8th February 2019

The water is at last ice free so I do hope it will stay clear.
The wind and rain moved the 
ice overnight as it was quite thick after 3 weeks.

Friday 25th 2019

The water is starting to be
free of ice today with the pump running.  We had -8
degrees and the water has been frozen since Monday.
If the forecast is right it is not going to be so cold next week.
Thank you Elizabeth 


Sunday 20th January 2019

It has been cold sunny week, good for January with the fish taking slow and fairly deep.
Jim Jarvis Falkirk                                               3 fish 8lbs Black Buzzer
W Milne Perth                                                    2 fish 4.1/4lbs Cat
Jim McNally Dunning                                         1 fish 4lbs Damsel
W Campbell Stirling                                           2 fish 7lbs Yellow Dancer 
P Forrester Stirling                                             2 fish 7lbs Buzzers
Richard Kerr Fallin                                             3 fish 8.1/2lbs Black Fritz
Bruce Wallace Ed                                              4 fish 11.1/2lbs Black Fritz
Tom Wright Ed                                                   3 fish 8lbs Black Fritz
B Gribble Ed                                                      3 fish7.3/4lbs Bloodworm 
D Gribble Ed                                                     4 fish 17 lbs  Best 5.1/2 lbs Bloodworm 

Sunday 13th January 2019

The 4 Waders from Edinburgh yesterday had a good day fishing
B Wallace                                             4 fish 18lbs 6oz  Best 10lbs Cat
B Gribble                                              4 Fish 9 lbs Cat
D Gribble                                               4 fish 10.1/4 lbs Black Lure
R Duff                                                    4 fish 14lbs 6ozs Cat
G Burnett Polton                                    3 fish  12lbs best 5.3/4lbs Cat
F Allan Cumbernauld                            4 fish 10lbs Ace of Spades and Dawson’s Olive
Paul Shepherd Bedford                      4 fish 12lbs best 7lbs  Red Blob
Dave Lawson Methven                         3 fish 9lbs best 5lbs Orange Fritz 
Joe White Falkirk                                  3 fish 12lbs best 6lbs HH Black Fritz 
S Clark Kilsyth                                     2 fish 6.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer 
Jim Jarvis   Falkirk                                3 fish 10lbs Yellow Blob
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                       4 fish 13lbs Ecstacy
G Comb Polton                                    3 fish 10lbs  Cat


Sunday 6th January 2019

The weather has been really good for fishing most days with the right gear on and plenty of fish have been 
caught on Buzzers to all colours of lures.
Tom Wight Edinburgh                                                               4 fish 14lbs Cat
D Gribble Edinburgh                                                                 4 fish 16.1/4lbs best 6.1/2lbs Cat
B Gribble Edinburgh                                                                 4 fish 12.3/4lbs Bloodworm 
John Jackson Bonnybridge                                                      2 fish 8.1/2lbs Muddlers
Dave Lawson Muthill                                                                2 fish 5lbs Damsel
John Score Alloa                                                                       3 fish  8lbs Yellow Dancer
Alan Burrell Alloa                                                                      2 fish 5.1/2lbs Damsel
Steven Butler Falkirk                                                                3 fish 10.1/2lbs Red Fritz
Ian Hanson Falkirk                                                                   2 fish 7 lbs Red Fritz
Wm Williams Sauchie                                                               2 fish 5lbs. Wotsit 
Colin Clement Tyndrum                                                           3 fish 11.1/2lbs Black Lure

Monday 17th December 2028

This week looks more promising with no frost forecast.  A wide variety of flies have been doing well
Angus Robertson Tobermory                                             4 fish 13lbs Peter Ross
Mike Wheelans Blackford                                                  4 fish 15lbs Dunkeld (2 visits)
Alistair Hamilton Blackford                                                 2 fish 8.1/2lbs Okey Dokey 
Jim McNally Dunning                                                         1 fish 2.1/2lbs Damsel
Graham Russell Dunblane                                                 3 fish 10lbs Black Rabbit 
W Milne Perth                                                                     2 fish 5lbs Blk & Green Fritz
George McCulloch Armadale                                             4 fish 13lbs Damsel
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                                                     8 fish 24.1/2lbs Ectasy
Paul Shepherd Bedford                                                      3 fish 9.1/2lbs Red Blob
J Gray Denny                                                                      3 fish 9lbs Damsel
C Egan Bonnybridge                                                            3 fish 7lbs Blk&Green Lure
I would like to wish all anglers
a Happy Christmas and a good and healthy New Year,
and better weather for fishing in 2019.
Thank you Elizabeth 


Monday 3rd December 2018

The sun is shining and there is no wind today after the torrential rain and wind we had last week.   There were only a few anglers braved the weather.
Martin O’Hara Stenhousemuir                 3 fish 11lbs   Best 6lbs Yellow Dancer
Kong Crieff                                               3 fish 6.1/2lbs   Blk & Green Fritz
K Lacey Perth                                           2 fish 4.1/4 lbs Pink Fritz 
S Butler Falkirk ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,3 fish 12lbs  Green Bug
J Dallas Airdrie                                         1 fish 3lbs Yellow Dancer 
J Linton Moodiesburn                                 3 fish 8lbs Snake
Thank you Elizabeth 
We are going down to my Brothers for a long weekend
so there will be no report
next week. Crawford and Sheila will be here to look 
after the fishing and dogs.


Monday 26th November 2018

Tom Faulds Lochgelly                                     2 fish   5.1/2 lbs Mil Bug
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                                  4 fish 11lbs Snake
W Milne Perth                                                  1 fish 2.1/2lbs Ally
Jeff Thomson Blackford                                 1 fish 4 lbs Yellow Dancer
Thain Boys Callendar                                     6 fish 19.1/2lbs Yellow Dancer
John Chisholm Killin                                       2 fish 6lbs Yellow Dancer 
Paul Godfrey Killing                                        2 fish  6lbs Egg Fly
John McKie Bannockburn                              3 fish 9lbs Super Ally
Michael McGill Bannockburn                          3 fish 11.1/2lbs Diawl Bach