Sunday 10th November 2019
It has been quiet week with the weather, Monday was unbelievable with the rain and wind and today I was lucky not to have ice on the water.
Jim Linton this morning had                      8 fish for 18.1/2lbs Blobs
S Narbrough Comrie Fife                           2 Fish 5 lbs Green Bodied Daddy
Wm Hume Cambusbarron Club               1 fish 5 lbs Black Lure
Colin Dickson Muckhart                            2 fish 5.1/2 lbs Blk Buzzers
D Wilson Dunfermline                               3 fish 11.1/2lbs Shipman’s
G McCulloch Armadale                             2 fish 6lbs Diawl Bach
A Mitchell Stirling                                      2 fish 7lbs Damsel
Sunday 3rd November 2019
Yesterday morning the Falcon FFC had their last outing for this year taking 38 fish for 102 lbs with Jim
Craig having the heaviest basket with 4 fish for 11.3/4lbs. The fish were mainly caught on Black&Green and Ally.
Kenny McAlpine Thurso                        2 fish 13lbs best 10.1/2lbs on a Pink Wotsit
Paul Woodcock Musselburgh                 4 fish 11.1/4lbs best 6lbs Bunny Leach
Colin Clement Tynedrum                       3 fish 12.1/2lbs best 6lbs Yellow Egg
J Hyndmarch Warren                             3 fish 10.1/2lbs best 4.1/2lbs Dawson Olive
Ivor Campbell                                         2 fish 9lbs Ally
Donald Blyth Doune                               2 fish 9.1/4lbs best 5.1/2lbs Dunkeld
Paul Freathy Bridge of Earn                  4 fish 11lbs Bloodworm
D Milne Falkirk                                       2 fish 8 lbs Diawl Bach
Last Sunday Joe Thain’s family had a Memorial Day raising money for Strathcarron as their nurses attended Joe in his last days
for which the family were so grateful.  They all fished C&R and John from Catrine Ayrshire won with 13 fish.
Sunday 27th October 2019
Brian Weir Bannockburn                           3 fish 12.1/2lbs best 7lbs Hopper
A Weir Bannockburn                                 3 fish 7.1/2lbs Black Spider
Donald Blyth Doune                                  2 fish 8lbs G HDamsel
Colin Clement Tynedrum                           3 fish 11.1/2 lbs Ally
R Simpson Alva                                        2 fish 6 lbs   Best 4 lbs Blk&Gr Buzzer
Jack Gibb Clackmannan                          Green Dennis the Menace
Paul Shepherd Bedford                              3 fish 9.1/2lbs Cat Sparkly Tail
Gerry Kane Cumbernauld                         3 fish 9lbs Buzzers
Jim Linton Moodiesburn                            8 fish 23lbs Tequila Ecstasy 
Sunday 20th October 2019
The water has been fishing well with tiny Dries down to size 22 to the opposite Zonkers down to a depth of 4 - 5 feet. 
The weather has been very changeable with lots of rain and some beautiful afternoons.
Jeff Thomson Blackford on his last cast on Wednesday evening caught1 fish for 10lbs White Rabbit
Dave Wilkie Stirling                                     3 fish 15.1/2lbs best 7lbs Ally
Dave Lawson Methven                                1 fish 8lbs Damsel
Harry Graham Glenrothes                          2 fish 11lbs best 6lbs Okey Dokey
John Dixon Perth                                         3 fish 10.1/4lbs Brown Hopper
J McQueen Fife                                            2 fish  5lbs Jenny Longlegs
W McQueen Fife                                         1 fish 5lbs Damsel
Colin Clement Tynedrum                             4 fish 12 lbs Eggstacy
Peter Paterson Jnr Menstrie                        2 fish 10lbs best 6lb Tiger Ally
George Mooney Callander                          1 fish 4.1/4 lbs Damsel
Sunday 13th October 2019
Wm Docherty Alloa                         2 fish 9lbs best 6lbs Yellow Dancer and Pink
D Conlan Alloa                                2 fish 7lbs Ally McCoist and Yellow Dancer
Colin Clement Tynedrum                 4 fish 12lbs Green Buzzer
J Dickson Arbroath                         4 fish 10.1/2 lbs Hoppers
Donald Blyth Doune                       ,2 fish 7.1/2 lbs Cat
Gerry Kane Cumbernauld               4 fish 10lbs Dries
Boo Haughton Linden AC               4 fish 13 lbs Gold Cat Best 5lbs
Barney Robertson Linden               4 fish 11.1/2 lbs Goldie & Pinkie
John Wright Linden                        3 fish 10.3/4 lbsBlack Lure
Gordon Porter Linden                     3 fish 9lbs Black Fritz
R Ainslie Coventry                          2 fish 5lbs Dries