Sunday 10 th December 2017

The water is well frozen today it was minus 10 degrees last night.  Yesterday was freezing all day and the water was half frozen by the afternoon, too cold for anglers fishing.
We all have central heating nowadays which I think makes it harder to come out when it is very cold us older ones can remember having ice inside the windows, we could not stand that now.
If the forecast is right the water will be frozen all week.


Orchill is a very old estate water in a very quiet
picturesque setting. The Loch is regarded by many as one of the best small waters in the Central Belt of Scotland , and regulars to the Loch come regularly from far and near to enjoy the good fishing and friendly atmosphere amongst that exists between the Anglers and the Owners of the Loch,The Loch is 4.1/2 acres and has a good natural head of brown and tench keep the water clean.


The water is stocked twice weekly with hardfighting rainbows of about 2lb to 2.1/2lb average. There are always fish rising and it is a very good water for the dry fly with an abundance of fly life. The Fishery record stands at 15lbs and it is not uncommon to catch fish in the 3lb to 8lb range, guaranteed to give you a good fight and a sore arm.The Fishery is also a Member of the A.S.S.F



Please Check out the Fishing reports page on this site , it is updated every week and will give you an insight into what and who is catching the fish.





Orchill Loch is suitable for all ages : see picture below

During very cold spells in winter it is advisable to check with Elizabeth Jackson on 01764 682287 if the Loch is Ice Free.



Young Samantha was showing her Grampa how to catch fish.


If anyone wants to send photos of fish.. email : richardmcglashan(a)


Group and Club Bookings can be accepted, but book early to avoid disappointment. see ticket page for contact details.



The water has easy acess from the car park and has wooden stands suitable for wheel chairs. There are two boats available for hire, £5.00 extra for two anglers. 
There is a chalet for anglers use with free tea and coffee and a cooker and microwave.


James Bayne fishing tackle shop in Callander